Kim Kardashian's Million-Step Makeup Routine Would Give Anyone a Headache (VIDEO)

kim kardashian makeupOh mah gahhh, wouldn't you love to do your makeup just like Kim Kardashian does? Well I hope you have about five hours because looking this "natural" does not come easy. If you've always thought Kim looks like she wears a lot of makeup, it's because she does.

Through the magic of Twitter Kim showed us her prep routine via pictures. Watch how her makeup artist (seriously, artist) Scott Barnes "contours" her face into something it apparently wouldn't ordinarily do on its own. And now you can do it, too!


Kim is helping to promote Scott Barnes' how-to book, Face to Face, which is really cool of her, actually. But honestly, this is everything I hate about makeup. I know Kim is getting ready for a photo shoot, not a trip to the grocery store, but ew.

Don't get me wrong. I love makeup. I wear the basics: Tinted moisturizer, a little blush, eyeliner, mascara, lipstick. And it takes me about five minutes to throw on. SOME OF US HAVE TO PACK A KID'S LUNCH EVERY MORNING, YOU KNOW? For a special occasion, I may pull out some eyeshadow in a shade resembling my actual eyelid color.

But this business of shading and changing the shape of your face's features? Lord! I don't even like using concealer. Why? Because it makes you look like you're wearing concealer. This business of highlights and making yourself look like you actually have cheekbones and a thinner nose -- feh. Can't we just like our faces the way they are? Can't we just enjoy looking like our own funky selves?

Would you ever wear makeup this elaborate?


Image via @KimKardashian/Twitter

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