Tamra Barney Says She Auditioned for 'RHOOC' as a 'Joke' -- Sure, She Did

tamra barneyTamra Barney, one of the most famous, perhaps controversial Real Housewives, is coming clean on how she got cast on the show. She "applied as a joke." Suuurree she did. Isn't that what every reality star says about how they got cast? Not buying it, Tamra, not buying it for one single second. You so wanted to be a housewife!


And thank goodness -- because she's great on the show! After god knows how many seasons on The Real Housewives of Orange County, Barney -- and her sharp tongue -- are still going strong. I'm not sure if this is a compliment or an insult, but I seriously think Tamra was born to be a reality star -- she coined the phrase "naked wasted"! The woman is endlessly entertaining.

Here's what Barney recently told Emme magazine about her audition process: "It was a freak thing, and I still don’t understand why I was picked. I jokingly filled out an online application that my friend sent to me, not thinking for one second they would call me. I was totally obnoxious (mocking the show). We were both laughing at my answers. I didn’t send any pictures and didn’t show up to the casting call in Newport. So when they called me a few days later, I almost dropped the phone."

Hmm. Stillll pretty convinced she wanted to be on the show. I mean, why bother auditioning at all? Though I don't doubt she gave sarcastic answers -- again, sharp tongue. And I don't doubt that Bravo called her because of her sarcastic answers. Sarcastic is good on these shows. It goes over most the other women's heads.

Anyway, whether she applied as a joke or for real (for real), I'm glad Tamra's on the show. No one could star in an awkward sexy bathtub scene like she can. 

Do you think Tamra applied as a joke?

Image via Bravo

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