Kris Humphries 'Herpes' Lawsuit Gets Grosser by the Minute

kris humphriesDude. Seriously. Kris Humphries cannot catch a break. Just when it looks like he's clawing his way out of the Kardashian vortex, he's sucked back in. Case in point: This lawsuit against him by ex-girlfriend Kayla Goldberg, claiming that the former Mr. Kardashian gave her herpes. Awesome! It's like, come on, man. Give this guy a break already. His 72-day marriage was enough embarrassment for a lifetime, does he really need this?

But wait! Here's what happened before classy Kayla filed suit against Kris. 'Twill shock you!


Not! She tried to extort millions from the guy. Surprise! Naturally, he refused, and naturally, she then filed the suit. Lee A. Hutton III, Kris Humphries' lawyer, told Wetpaint: "It is unfortunate that Ms. Kayla Goldberg and her attorneys chose to name my client, Kris Humphries, in a lawsuit alleging such malicious, defamatory, and demonstrably false claims. Shortly prior to filing the complaint, Ms. Goldberg demanded $24 million from Kris in exchange to avoid publicity on the matter. Athletes and celebrities have a legal right to exist without harassment."

I've gotta be honest, this is one of the lowest things I've heard of in a while. A random person trying to extort money from an athlete who was married to a reality star? Gross. From what I saw on Kourtney and Kim Take New York, Kris isn't the classiest or most likable of guys, but enough with him already. Let the guy be. He isn't bothering anyone. It's like his life has literally been ruined because he was associated with the Kardashians.

Kayla, if you have herpes, I'm sorry. That sucks. But you know what? Lots of people out there have herpes. And they don't get $24 million because of it. They get a prescription for Valtrex.

What do you think of Kayla trying to extort money out of Humphries?


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