'Twilight' Star Nikki Reed Should Flaunt Her Bikini Body Before It's Too Late (VIDEO)

Nikki ReedShe often gets lost in her Twilight co-stars' shadows, but Nikki Reed definitely put herself in the spotlight after being spotted frolicking on the beach sporting an itty-bitty green bikini.

Wow. Who knew that a vampire could have such a buff, tan body? And how about those legs? She's got some killer gams for sure -- and she doesn't have one ounce of cellulite in sight. (And what's up with that tattoo peeking out of her bikini line?!) Nikki obviously has no problem flaunting what she's got -- and honestly, she'd better show off and strut her stuff before it's too late.


Because sooner or later, her hunky hubby Paul McDonald is going to ruin that perfect physique of hers -- by getting her pregnant, of course. (Oh c'mon -- you know a baby is imminent in their near future, if one isn't already in the works. First comes love, then comes marriage, blah, blah, blah.)

Not too long ago, I found some pictures of myself taken in Bermuda a few months before my wedding. And I won't lie -- my body somewhat resembled Nikki's, though I didn't realize just how great I looked at the time. I was toned from head to toe, my stomach was flat, and everything on my body was at exactly the right level and wasn't sagging the slightest bit.

And if I'd only known that I'd never look that awesome in a bikini again after having a baby, I'd have worn one every single day of the year up until I conceived. (Well, not really, but you catch my drift.)

Nikki may get back into decent bikini shape after going through pregnancy, but I think most moms will agree that no matter how hard you work, your body never goes back to the way it was 100 percent. Losing your perfect form is almost a rite of passage, even though it isn't exactly a confidence booster.

On that note, Nikki should wear that green bikini with pride and continue sporting minuscule pieces of swimwear before her time runs out. If she doesn't, she'll really be kicking herself in another few years.

You can see more of Nikki's bangin' bod in this video clip.

Do you look the same in a bathing suit as you did before you had kids?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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