9 Kardashian Quotes That Prove Kanye's Not the Only One Who Has a Way With Words

KardashiansLove 'em or hate 'em, there's no escaping the Kardashian family. From the aisles of Sears to your television screen to the lyrics of songs on the radio (thanks, Kanye), the famous family holds court.

Along the way they have let us into every little aspect of their lives, sometimes much further in than we ever wanted to go. But there we are. As they've done so they've shocked us, outraged us, and given even the most ardent anti-Kardashian people at least a little chuckle here and there. Here are nine quotes from the famous family that will make you laugh, cry, and say "oh my!".

What are some of your favorite Kardashian family quotes?


Image via E! Online

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