Prince Harry's Patient Girlfriend 'Unfazed' By His Naked Vegas Partying

Prince HarrySo let's just say your boyfriend goes away to Las Vegas for a weekend. And there he parties up a storm, drinking himself "delirious," cavorting with other women, making out with at least one of them (supposedly), getting naked, and pressing his "jewels" up against the hotel window. Would you a) break up with him, b) book your own trip to Vegas with the gals, c) shrug it off like nothing happened. If you're Prince Harry's girlfriend (who knew he had a girlfriend?!), you apparently choose C. 'Cause that's how Harry rolls.


Harry's girlfriend, a pretty blonde model and heiress with the James Bond-ish name of Cressida Bonas, reportedly knew that her bf was off for a "blowout" weekend with his buds. And when the scandal broke, sources say she was "not too fazed" by the whole thing, and has stood by his side the entire time.

I get not getting your knickers in a twist over partying -- but naked with other women, and making out with at least one? (Supposedly.)

A woman named Carrie Reichert claims she was "hand selected" to spend some privy time with the prince in his hotel room. But he was so loaded he couldn't, um, perform, so they just made out and then he said, "That was great!" and went back to banging the booze. Since, you know, banging the broad wasn't gonna happen. Maybe Cressida just doesn't believe it, as pictures of this particular celebratory moment have yet to surface.

Harry and his girlfriend are both young, and they run in those crazy royal circles, so maybe this type of thing is just par for the course. Or maybe dating a prince is worth the price of the occasional nude scandal. Maybe their relationship is "complicated."

I myself would have a problem with it -- especially the naked make-out session. But I'm not a 23-year-old heiress dating a 27-year-old member of the British monarchy. I guess if you're going to take that on, you probably know it's not always going to be tea, scones, and monogamy.

If Cressida truly was "unfazed" by all of this, I wouldn't be surprised if she gets the prince to settle down in the next few years. She just passed test number one: When a royal acts like a royal doofus, keep your head high and your eyes turned away. After all, Kate Middleton outwaited Prince William's shenanigans. And now she's a princess.

Would you be upset if your man did what Harry did?


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