Harold, Kumar & Other DNC Celebs Are Sure to Outshine Clint Eastwood's RNC Routine (VIDEO)

harold kumar obamaThe Democratic National Convention has kicked off, and the biggest names on the left have gathered in Charlotte, North Carolina to get the party started. But come Thursday night, the stars will really be out. The Obama campaign announced today that actor Kal Penn -- known best for his role as Kumar in the Harold & Kumar films, but also a former White House staffer and currently a national campaign co-chair -- will host the convention's first ever official live stream prime-time coverage leading up to Obama's acceptance speech. And they did so with an amusing viral vid featuring Obama, Penn, and Harold aka Penn's co-star John Cho

Check it out ...


Looks a little bit like the MTV Video Awards meets the presidential election, aka a blatant attempt at wrangling the Millennial vote. It's all good. Just like GOP was sure to woo 1 percenters (and 1 percenter wannabes), this Obama campaign plea to under-30s was be expected.

And even if you're not so impressed with these two, there are plenty of appearances by other big names to look forward to. Hollywood hearts Obama, after all! Penn will reportedly be joined by a LOT of other big Hollywood names, including J. Lo's ex-hubs Marc Anthony, Elizabeth Banks, Aisha Tyler, Olivia Wilde, Fran Drescher, Zach Braff, Alexis Bledel, as well as Obama campaign officials. Betty White may be showing up, too. And I'd venture to guess those are just a few of the many entertainers sure to make an appearance either on the live stream or at the DNC.

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Yeah, but I know none of them have Clint Eastwood's tough-talkin' Republican swagger. How will any of them EVER give a performance as thrilling as the 82-year-old's empty chair shtick? Pfft! Dems don't have to worry. Come Thursday, I'm sure we'll have all but forgotten Dirty Harry and be starstruck by several liberal celebs bound to make an even greater impression on the country at this week's DNC.

Which celeb are you most looking forward to seeing at the DNC this week?

Image via BarackObamadotcom/YouTube

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