Kate Middleton's Thin Body Has Katie Couric Seething With Jealousy

kate middletonYou'd think she'd be the picture of confidence since she's been on TV for a gazillion years and is about to start her own talk show, but Katie Couric's recent comments about Kate Middleton's weight prove she's just as self-conscious about her looks as the rest of us. She made some crack about not interviewing the Duchess as a "dream guest" on her new show -- because she's getting too thin.

And something tells me it's not Kate's health that Couric is particularly concerned about -- it's the fact that she's jealous of just how insanely gorgeous and thin the Duchess is -- something most of us are guilty of. (Don't even try to deny it -- you wish you had her figure too.)


There is such a double standard when it comes to women and their weight these days. Either you're scrutinized for putting on too many pounds, or you lose a few and everyone immediately labels you as having some sort of eating disorder. And even though Kate Middleton is definitely on the slight side, I think most people just can't help making comments about her weight because they are trying to find any small way to pick apart her appearance in an effort to convince themselves that she really doesn't have a fairytale life. (For the record, she does.)

Actress Jennie Garth's recent weight loss is another prime example of moms attacking her out of pure jealousy -- not concern. She's obviously lost a few pounds since her split from Peter Facinelli, and her weight loss is even more evident after seeing her lounging poolside in a tiny yellow bikini. She credits her recent slim-down with cleaning up her diet and working out like a mad woman, but of course, plenty of moms just can't resist calling her out for being too skinny.

And I can't help but feel like the whole "she's way too thin" bit is nothing but a lousy cover-up to what moms are really thinking -- "I wish I could lose weight and/or be that thin too."

Perhaps the best way to put an end to women having major body issues once and for all is for high profile people like Katie Couric to stop commenting on women's weight gains and losses once and for all.

The only people who truly need to be concerned with Kate Middleton's and Jennie Garth's weight are Kate Middleton and Jennie Garth. (And I'm willing to be those two never talk about each other's figures.)

Do you think Katie Couric's comments were made out of jealousy or genuine concern?


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