Prince Harry Comes Clothed to Paralympics But We're Still Seeing Him Naked (VIDEO)

Prince HarryWow. He sure doesn't let a little thing like nude photos bring him down, which Prince Harry obviously proved by showing up at the Paralympic Games in London with a huge smile on his face -- as if the nude photo scandal never even happened. (Sigh. That Harry -- he's a total class act.)

He made his official re-entry into the public by attending 17-year-old Ellie Simmonds' swimming competition, where she competed for her third gold medal. And after the freestyle heat was over, he even spent 45 minutes posing for pictures -- with his clothes on this time, of course.


He looked so regal and polished sitting in the stands in his blue and white track suit, but as much as Harry tried to go about business as usual, it's pretty hard to look at him right now without thinking about that photo of his bare white tush hugging a naked girl in a hotel suite.

I mean, he's a prince who got buck naked in the middle of Las Vegas -- and that's not the kind of scandal that simply goes away overnight because he made an appearance at a sporting event. And you can't help but wonder what was really going through his mind behind the brave face he put on for the crowds. Even though he seems like a relatively laid-back guy, he has to be a little more than humiliated about how much of an embarrassment those photos were to the royal family.

But then again, maybe he figures acting normal and pretending nothing happened is the quickest way to make people forget about his crazy Vegas antics. (Nah -- that'll never work, especially if the rumored nude video of him emerges.)

You can hear more about Harry's fully-clothed re-emergence into society in this video clip.

Will Harry ever live the nude photo scandal down?


Image via WPA Pool/Getty

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