Michael Clarke Duncan’s Death Means Sadness of a Different Kind for Omarosa (VIDEO)

Michael Clarke Duncan Omarosa StallworthThe shocking death of Green Mile actor Michael Clarke Duncan at just 54 has left long-time girlfriend Omarosa Stallworth in the worst position possible. The woman best known for her turn on reality TV's The Apprentice is grieving the love of her life. But she's doing it from that strange state of purgatory that exists between dating and marriage.

TMZ is reporting Omarosa and Michael weren't just dating. They were engaged, with wedding plans set for January.


I'm not surprised. In Hollywood secret engagements like Omarosa and Michael's aren't exactly shocking. Celebrities who would prefer a paparazzi-free wedding ceremony do it all the time. And this couple has been dealing with heightened attention since July when he suffered a heart attack and her fast-thinking CPR saved his life.

I think we were all fascinated by what attracted this teddy bear like actor to a woman who has developed a reputation for being the queen of mean. But the love between these opposites was obvious.

Hearing Michael call her "the most gorgeous woman I've ever seen" in an old episode of Access Hollywood, it's hard not to tear up a little bit. These two had what so many people crave. True love.

And yet, they weren't married ... That means that poor Omarosa doesn't get the same benefits of a typical widow -- legal or social.

She doesn't get to call herself a widow. She doesn't get to be listed as "surviving spouse" in an obituary.

She is in that netherworld that exists for people who lose a fiance. I recently read an obituary that listed the dead woman's fiance as her "best friend in the world." I read it as her family's means to let him know that they understood that he was the most important person in her world, that the lack of a piece of paper didn't mean anything to them.

And yet it does mean something to society, doesn't it? There's a degree of sympathy for someone who loses a spouse that doesn't quite extend to the loss of a boyfriend, a girlfriend, a fiance. I've actually heard (and wanted to scream) people say, "Well, at least they weren't married yet." As if that is somehow better? As if they've lost any less.

My heart breaks for Omarosa today as a woman who knows what it means to be in love. It doesn't matter if there's a ring on her finger or not. Her grief at losing Michael Clarke Duncan is the same grief of anyone with a broken heart.

Do you know anyone who has been put in this position before?


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