Tom Cruise's Scientology 'Auditions' for New Wife Is Creepier Than Imagined

Just when you thought Tom Cruise couldn't get any creepier (orrr he's just a regular dude and these rumors are all lies, lies, lies!) comes word from a source that isn't a gossip rag that Cruise's alleged creepiness isn't entirely unfounded. In a Vanity Fair cover story on Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, and Scientology (I'm totally buying this issue!), we finally learn about how Tom Cruise would pick women. And let's just say he wasn't on!


According to Vanity Fair, after Tom's divorce from Nicole Kidman, the bigwigs over at Scientology Inc. decided to find Tom a new wife. No more letting Tom's picker be in his pants. This time, he'd get a "Scientology-approved" mate. What could go wrong? (Cue horror music.)

Shelly Miscavige, who is the wife of sect head David Miscavige, was apparently put in charge of finding Tom a new lady. Auditions were held with actresses who were already Scientologists. Calling them in under the guise of an audition for a "new training film," the actresses were asked questions about Cruise. The "winner" (and I use that term with extreme irony) was an Iranian-born actress named Nazanin Boniadi.

Reportedly, Nazanin then underwent a month-long "training process" to prepare her for Cruise, which included answering questions about her sexual history and spending 2-3 hours a day "purging negative thoughts" about Tom.

Call me cray cray but if you've got enough negative thoughts about a guy that you could fill up 2-3 hours a day purging them, perhaps you shouldn't be dating him?!

Then Nazanin and Tom (doesn't quite have the ring of TomKat) moved in together. But even a month of purging couldn't prepare them for the reality of living together, and soon the pair weren't getting along. The actress was asked to move out. After she blabbed about her experience to a friend in Scientology, she was reportedly punished by being made to scrub toilets with a toothbrush and dig ditches in the middle of the night. Don't we all wish we could punish our exes in such a fashion? Dang!

No word on whether Katie and Tom met through an "audition" such as this one, but it just gives you one more little hint as to why Katie booked out of that marriage fast as her feet would take her, doesn't it?

Do you believe that Tom Cruise "auditioned" wives?


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