Seal Can Want Heidi Klum Back Whether She 'Cheated' or Not

Heidi Klum bodyguard
Heidi Klum, escorted by a bodyguard
It's been like a game of tennis in the Heidi Klum and Seal divorce this holiday weekend. Only instead of a ball being beaten back and forth, it's Heidi. First came the allegation that she was cheating before the couple separated. Then Seal quickly saying that his accusation that she's been "fornicating with the help" did NOT mean his wife had been cheating with her bodyguard. And now we have reached game point: rumors have it Seal is just lashing out because he really doesn't want his marriage to end.

Could Seal really just want Heidi back? Well gee, I don't know. He's been married to Heidi Klum. Let's repeat that: HEIDI KLUM! Have you seen that woman's post-babies body? She's a world class model.

Of course she isn't just that. While I can't comment on her personality or character, let's remember who Heidi is to Seal.


She's the mother of his children. And even in Seal's TMZ interview that brought forth the "fornicating" charge, he made clear that he needs to know what's going in her dating life:

My main priority is the emotional well being of our children, and to be quite honest, if there is going to be somebody else in their lives I'd much rather it was a familiar face.

Spoken like a typical father (albeit one who has egg on his face for some of his own machinations with his kids of late ... have you heard about the photo scandal?).

Right now the folks TMZ are the ones reporting on "sources" close to the couple who allege Seal would take Heidi back in a heartbeat. They wonder if the sources could be off the mark because of the fury they got from him on camera. I disagree.

Seal is obviously angry with Heidi, or he wouldn't have used words like "fornicating with the help" with a TV camera crew. That's part of how divorce works: you get mad. But we've all heard the cliche about the person who doth protest TOO much? Anger is part of divorce, but it can also be a might strong defense mechanism when you're hurting. Especially when you're a dad who is quite obviously worried about what life will be like for your kids when you're not around.

After seven years of marriage and four kids (including Leni, with whom Heidi was pregnant when she met Seal), there are four incredibly powerful reasons for Seal to get over the anger and get back together. All it would take is Heidi saying yes.

Of course, after basically calling her a cheater in public, the chances of that are probably slim ...

Would you blame Seal for wanting Heidi back? Do you think the couple could make it after such a nasty and public divorce battle?


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