'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' Recap: Kim Attempts to Redeem Herself

Kim Kardashian and Kris JennerTonight on Keeping Up With the Kardashians we picked up where we left off last week in the midst of an intense family therapy session. Rob Kardashian was letting it all out about feeling like a failure and only wanting to make all of the women in his life happy. Kim Kardashian kept up her arrogant act, pretty much pissing off everyone in the process.

Khloe was angry that she had discounted her recollection of working in their father's office and basically called her a liar. Khloe called Kim's comments "unforgivable". Rob felt like she still thought he was lazy, and Kourtney ... well, we didn't see much of her this episode, but she was probably pissed too because she didn't respond when Kim sent out an email that was supposed to serve as an apology. No one responded actually, which left Kim all sorts of annoyed and complaining to Kris Jenner.


She ended up calling a meeting and more or less making amends, on the surface anyway. Then she also put out a couple of olive branches, which helped. The first being coming up with an idea for a way in which Rob can try to make a living -- to start a men's clothing line, of course. No more just a sock line for Rob Kardashian, but he and Scott Disick are doing an entire clothing line -- Robert Scott. Should be interesting to see how that goes.

To win Khloe's favor Kim decided to go to Queens with Khlomar to see where Lamar Odom grew up. The sentiment was sweet, but the preparation was ridiculously painful. Khloe was immediately worried about what Kim would wear, which was a more than legitimate concern. "Be you…Just be a little more Kimmie from the block."

Seeing as how far she is from that, she had to go shopping. She picked out all sorts of stereotypical gear, and still totally missed the mark. In the end, it didn't matter so much what she wore, because it was all about Lamar and his memories, and that part was sweet.

Will Kim's overtures mend things with her siblings? Earlier today she tweeted: "Part 2 Keeping Up With The Kardashians is on tonight! Last week was intense, been waiting for tonight to redeem myself! Just wait & see!"

On the surface perhaps she redeemed herself to some degree. But that therapy session was pretty intense, and it feels like their issues are a lot deeper than a day in the hood can cure. And the real problem hasn't been solved -- Kim's still a diva and probably always will be.

Do you think Kim Kardashian redeemed herself tonight?


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