Identity of LeAnn Rimes 'Bully' Proves Why You Never Mess With Moms

LeAnn Rimes

This LeAnn Rimes cyber-bully thing is getting stranger by the minute. More details about Rimes' alleged Twitter harasser are coming out and no wonder the 30-year-old singer is currently in rehab over "anxiety" (what we are calling it now). It turns out her so-called cyber-bully is among a very elite and powerful segment of the Internet troll population that strikes fear in many with their vitriolic, compassionless, take-no-prisoners approach. LeAnn's cyber bully is a MOM.


So that's a very big blanket statement. I am not talking about ALL moms on the Internet. Just that one, bitter group of them. You know them well. You know how scary that group of moms on the Internet can be. Anonymous moms on the Internet. Anonymous moms on the Internet with four kids who can't think of a better way to decompress than to follow reality show stars and pick fights for them.

That one nasty group in particular that goes straight for the jugular and looks for any opportunity to emotionally eviscerate you for either being a disgrace to womankind, a inept parent who will be getting a call from child services any day now, or who delights in telling you great harm will befall you because karma works like that, you evil b***h whose opinions or choices do not align 100 percent with mine.


I don't know if Kimberly Smiley (ironic), the mom and teacher who LeAnn decided to sue over this whole Twitter war, is technically a "bully" or even falls into that group of moms I refer to above. But when I heard she had four kids, and that her 19 year old Lexi was even involved in some of the LeAnn activities, I had a sinking feeling I knew what LeAnn might have been dealing with these past few months.

Rimes is suing Smiley for $25,000 in damages for supposedly taping a phone call Rimes made to her, trying to get her to back off. The phone conversation was leaked all over the Internet. Smiley is now saying that it's she who was being bullied by LeAnn, not the other way around.

Who knows who is at fault. Probably both of them. I'm shocked Rimes was dumb enough to make that phone call, that she even let this random woman get to her at all.

But it partly makes sense because Rimes is not a mom yet herself. If she were and spent as much time in the mom sphere as all of us do, she would know that nothing you could ever say or do will get through to those people. The best way to deal with them is to not deal with them at all and go buy yourself a sexy new bikini and rock it like you know they will never ever be able to. Not in a million years.

Who's at fault in this LeAnn Rimes Twitter scuffle?


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