Heidi Klum Needs to Deal With Seal's Scandalous Bodyguard Accusation. Fast.

Heidi Klum bodyguardUp until today's bombshell it seemed like everyone was leaning toward Team Heidi Klum in the wake of reports of Seal being difficult about marriage assets and using pictures of their children without permission. But today that pendulum is swinging way, way, way over to Team Seal following rumors about Heidi Klum's affair with Seal's longtime bodyguard. Or, as Seal himself so eloquently put it, "fornicating with the help." Yes, Arnold Schwarzenegger immediately came to my mind, too. So of course everyone is now putting two and two together and realizing that, hmm, Klum and Mr. Bodyguard have been spending a lot of time together lately, come to think of it, so maybe there is something to this.


On the one hand I find this seriously hard to believe because Mr. Bodyguard (who has not been named in the press yet, but is pictured with Klum during one of their morning runs) does not seem like her type. I picture her more with someone like ... well, Seal. Someone who you might not immediately picture her with, which makes you think she's seeks something deeper and more spiritual in a mate than just looks and flash. But maybe the 39-year-old supermodel she really is all about beefcake and a good set of biceps after all?

And there is nothing wrong with that. I'm sure Mr. Bodyguard has some internal stuff going on underneath all that muscle, too. Heidi has the right to move forward, and with anyone of her choosing -- except Seal contends that Heidi began the relationship before they were separated, which is certainly problematic and doesn't look to good for Heidi.

Heidi hasn't commented on Seal's accusation yet, but she does have some 'splaining to do about the shots of them looking all "couplely" during runs in NYC and slathering sunscreen on each other on a trip to Italy. Hopefully she'll just come out with it and we can be shocked for about 10 minutes before moving on ourselves.

Do you think Seal's accusations about Heidi are true, or is he just trying to fuel the flames during a nasty divorce?

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