Kristen Stewart's Parents Divorcing Might Not Be Terrible Timing After All

Kristen Stewart

Oh, timing. It really sucks sometimes, and especially for Kristen Stewart. Stewart's mother, Jules, has filed for divorce from her husband of 25 years, Jonn Stewart. As sad as it is when any couple splits, this divorce news is probably not as earth-shattering to Kristen as everyone is making it out to be or would like it to be (because that's what the world loves to do, see Kristen in misery, so the more the merrier!). I feel terrible and sorry for the Stewart family, but all this might actually be quite positive and therapeutic for the 22-year-old Stewart in one way.


I'm sure Kristen would rather not see her parents get divorced, ideally. But according to reports, John and Jules Stewart have been estranged for two years, so this can't come as a total shock to her. She had to have picked up on their unhappiness and problems somewhere along the way. As for most children, adult or not, in retrospect we would always rather have known that our parents were happy apart than miserable together.

The Stewarts waited two years to make the divorce official, they did not jump willy-nilly into separate lives. They waited it out, hopefully tried to make things work. Kristen has been pretty busy the past two years jetting around the world becoming a mega-movie star, but chances are her parents kept her in the loop. You can't hide this stuff from kids, they pick up on it one way or another, they always find out eventually.

Jules Stewart is well aware of the agony her daughter has been in, and unless she's pure evil, she would not just randomly pick August 15, on the heels of her daughter's catastrophe, to file for divorce if she were in a place where it would put her over the edge. Kristen is probably not shocked by this at all, and maybe even a little relieved for her parents.

Hopefully the two Stewart girls have been talking, bonding and being brave together. That Kristen's mom is going through such a drastic and scary change at such a late stage of her life might be a source of strength and courage for Kristen, that it really is going to be okay for her, no matter what happens with Rob.

Of course, the divorce filing could also be a sign that a reunion between Kristen and Rob is imminent. If that dream was/is coming true for Kristen, no tragedy in the world would be able to bring her down. Or ... might it also be used to prick some sympathy in Rob to come back to her if only for support and friendship and then? Sometimes you think timing sucks but more often than not, you look back one day and discover it was absolutely perfect.

Did Kristen Stewart's mom pick the wrong time to file for divorce knowing what her daughter is going through?

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