Rihanna Goes Head to Head With Miley Cyrus and Dominates!

Rihanna, hairSo the VMAs have come and gone. Another two hours of my life I’ll never get back and another round of swearing I’m not going to waste my time with that hamble scramble production is on ice until next year, when I’m pretty sure I’ll do it all over again.

The shenanigans are plentiful, the highlights are few, but Rihanna’s hair (and her pretty white, floor-length gown) stood above just about all else in my rundown of the evening. Everyone is hooping it up about Miley Cyrus’ cut—and I’ll admit, it does look cute and refreshingly spunky—but truth be told, it’s the same style Rih Rih rocked years ago


Miley Cyrus
In this corner, the blonde roadrunner

It’s just more daring for the artist formerly known as Hannah Montana to lop off her long, blonde locks off than it is for the bad girl of pop music-dom to give her ever-changing tresses a dramatic chop. But in the battle of red carpet hairdos, Rihanna takes home the award. 

Rihanna, hair
And in this corner, the winner and still champ

There are very few times that she hasn’t been on point with her fierce style, which is only part of the reason I have a nonsexual girl crush on her. Her vocals last night may have been waif-thin, but her beauty was classic. Meanwhile, Miley and Pink were duking it out for who could have the highest, blondest, most-gelled bouffant (which came in handy, considering Pink can’t seem to resist a performance that involves dangling acrobatically from some sort of apparatus).

Who wins the hair showdown in your book: Rihanna or Miley?

Image via MiKeARB/Flickr

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