20 Reasons Idris Elba Is the Hottest Birthday Boy Ever

Idris ElbaI had a little trouble getting this post started. Not for lack of things to talk about—no, no, quite the contrary. There are actually too many lovely things to say about Idris Elba, some of which I’ve always dreamt of whispering across a romantic candlelight or, at the very least, a breathy moment of dialogue after I wrapped myself around his beautiful ankles. Even his name oozes sensuality if you say it like I do: Idrisssss.

Today marks the anniversary of the day that wonderful chocolatey dreaminess was born. (Thank you, God. And Mama Elba.) If I was any fan worth her salt, I would have lit a little candle-laden shrine in honor of his fabulous 40th birthday instead of watching these lame VMAs, but I’ll honor my beloved celebrity dream machine with a list of all of his admirable, loveable, adorable, swoon-worthy qualities. Happy birthday, Idris! Please do us the favor of having many, many more. Here’s why we love you!


1. He’s got style for days.
2. He looks as amazing in jeans and sneakers as he does in a tailored shirt and suit.

3. He’s a genuinely talented actor.

4. That voice. Honey butter sweetness.

5. He’s a gentleman but he’s got a bad boy thing going on at the same time.

6. He loves his children fiercely and makes fatherhood look gooooood.

7. He’s a humanitarian with an interest in important issues.

8. He’s brimming with confidence. It’s like a halo of sexiness.

9. That smile. No mouth has ever been so perfectly crafted.

10. He’s got this thoughtful way of talking that gives me (sorry, us) time to hang on to his handsomeness and really take in what he’s saying.

Mmmm mmm mmmm mmmm

11. He can serve up a smoldering stare like nobody’s business.

12. He’s not all over the tabloids. It’s nice not knowing all of his business (and not knowing for sure whether or not he has a girlfriend).

13. He respects wisdom.

14. His eyes actually twinkle. It’s not just the stuff of nursery rhyme characters. His do it in real life.

15. He’s groomed and manicured without losing even a little bit of his masculinity.

16. He’s versatile, as comfortable at high tea as he is doing his music at a club.

17. He’s intelligent as all get out with companion street smarts.

18. He looks like he has the power to make you call out from work for a “sick day.”

19. He seems fun to be around (though I’ll have to confirm this for myself someday).

20. He’s debonair and youthful at the same time. And now he’s 40, which is such a sexy age—so I hear. (Don’t rush me.)

What do you love about our birthday babe Idris Elba?

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