Kim Kardashian Doesn’t Need to Get Rid of Her Big Behind

Kim Kardashian leaves the gymKim Kardashian likes to sweat, a lot. Well correction, she likes to get her workout on. The female half of Kimye was recently photographed leaving an intense bootcamp class similar to Crossfit. Have you heard of it? It's some fancy schmancy workout with a cult-like following that Kim's apparently trying because she's worried about her butt getting too big, or something like that.

Wait -- Is Kim's actually worried about her butt getting TOO big? I don't get it -- how could that actually be a concern of hers?


Kim Kardashian's butt is like, famous on its own, sans Kim. The thing is what makes Kim WHO she is. Not saying that there's not more to her. I like the lady! But that her backside, it's like her trademark! The self-proclaimed entreprenuer and perfumista shouldn't be ashamed of something that makes her ... her.

Here's the thing: You can listen to all the "it's fake rumors" you want, but I firmly believe that Kim Kardashian was born naturally with a large backside. For those following along at home, I just want to point this out: Her butt isn't fatty, it's just plain big. The thing is perfectly round, for Pete's sake. Heck, it's rounder than the basketball I gave my little cousin last Christmas. For an ass like that, I would give up soft serve for a year ... and that's saying a lot.

So if she's heading to Crossfit or bootcamp to shrink it? Then I say girl, take a chill pill, relax! But heck, if she's squeezing in a sweat sesh just to keep your rear in perfectly plump gear, then all the power to you sister.

Do you think Kim should be concerned about the size of her backside?


Image via Splash News

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