Queen Elizabeth Copies Kate Middleton's Style Just Like the Rest of Us

Kate MiddletonBitch stole my look. Said Kate Middleton to Queen Elizabeth. Never. But she did. Queen E and the Duchess of Cambridge made their appearances at the Opening Ceremony for the Paralympics in Britain yesterday, and their outfits were strikingly similar. Elizabeth wore a light gray jacket and dress with a faint floral pattern, while Kate opted for an embroidered single-breasted cream coatdress. Did the ladies plan on being twinsies at the event, or was this a royal mess of a coincidence? Either way, Kate liked it first!


See, the cream DAY Birger et Mikkelsen coatdress Kate was wearing was a repeat. (Classic Duchess move.) Catherine wore the very same thing to Prince William's cousin's wedding in June of last year. (Of course, with the very same L.K. Bennet nude pumps.) So, if anyone's the copycat in this situation, it's Liz all the way.

Or not. But it's fun to imagine Elizabeth eye-balling Kate's wardrobe covetously like rest of us -- or the two chatting on the phone, girl-talk-style, discussing what they're going to wear the next day -- but clearly this was a coincidence. The Queen copies no one. She doesn't have time for that crap. She's too busy wielding her scepter, banishing the Court Jester, and jumping over her moat.

But if she were to copy anyone, obviously it'd be Kate.

What do you think of Kate's outfit?


Image via WPA Pool/Getty

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