John Travolta’s 'Beard' Was Brooke Shields, Says Pilot Who Claims Affair

John TravoltaAccording to the Chinese calendar, it is the year that every single man who has ever supposedly had a sexual encounter with John Travolta has decided to tell the world about it. The latest in a long line of guys -- a line longer than the one at the midtown falafel cart at lunch -- comes from a pilot named Douglas Gotterba, who says he had a six-year affair with Travolta. Travolta's lawyer has, of course, denied this. But I'm just ... has every man in the country had an affair with John? You, you, and you? Gotterba first came out (heh!) with his claims in June, but now he's got new details and it includes "beards," y'all. A "beard" is a woman that a guy dates or even marries to cover up his gayness. Can you guess who, before he was married, John's beautiful, famous, Calvin Klein-wearing supermodel with bushy brows alleged beard was?


Gotterba says that Travolta, with whom he began an affair in 1981, would often have women around as "beards." And then Gotterba told him he should get one girlfriend for a "beard." And who did he get? Who, who? Brooke Shields! Allegedly. Poor Brooke. Didn't she also date Michael Jackson?

Says Gotterba about Brooke:

There was no chemistry between them. They’d smile for the cameras and everyone assumed they were a couple.

Sounds like most Hollywood couples! Gotterba says his affair with the star ended over John's increasing jealousy. And he says last time he saw Travolta was right after his marriage to Kelly Preston. He claims he asked John point blank if he preferred men or women. And Travolta's alleged reply?

Well, Doug, I still prefer men.

Surprised, anyone? Well, we don't know if any of this is true. I do know the awfulness of using women as "beards." There are many strong, brave gay men and women out there who are being themselves, and not messing up another person's life so they can be more accepted by society.

But if any of this is remotely true, could Kelly seriously still be in the dark? By now she's had far more reason to check out John's sexual orientation than the vast majority of straight wives ever get. If she doesn't have a private investigator tailing him and spyware on the computer, then I can't feel too bad for Kelly. And maybe John and Kelly have the marriage they want, and John's past doesn't matter, and they're both happy.

I just hope gay men out there aren't looking at Travolta's marriage as an example of what they could have if only they can "love the gay away." Because it usually doesn't work like that.

What do you think of John supposedly using women as beards?

Image via PacificCoastNews

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