Birthday Girl Courtney Stodden Is Way Too Classy to Do Porn

Courtney Stodden turns 18 tweet

Just when we almost forgot all about her, America's most famous child bride sweetheart Courtney Stodden goes and turns 18 today, forcing us all to remember why we even care. Oh yeah, it's the "shock us with her underage sexuality" thing. But, now that she's 18, being married to a 52-year-old isn't so icky or scandalous (debatable). Hooker outfits at school playgrounds? Meh. You see that every day. So how can she exploit herself for attention now? She can star in porn movies, of course, and don't you know it, the porn offers are already pouring in. Except ... Courtney Stodden is not going to do it, mark my words. She is much too good for porn.


Hey, not that there's anything wrong with porn. I'm sure it takes a certain talent and it totally has its place in the world. Would she be great at porn or what, though? This girl was born for that industry, she would make a killing at it, and I'm sure that hunky hubby of hers Doug would gets such a thrill watching ... but Courtney won't go the way of Octomom. That's way too expected of her. Way too out there. Leaves nothing to the imagination. Courtney is the Queen of Tease. This just would not suit her.

In just two short years Courtney has turned her teasy, flaunty, raunchy exhibitionist displays into an art form. Her tweets are so lascivious they are damn hilarious, like this birthday themed one, in case you missed it (because you know you are following her admit it):

Only 2 more days until I get to blow eighteen ... ummm ... candles ;) xxx

That is PURE Courtney and we love her for it. Keep it coming, babe! Don't let a little number hold you down! We know that little blond head of yours is cooking up some crazy schemes to keep the world on edge, just waiting to see how you're going to push the envelope now that you are all growed up. Plus you can always hope for Playboy. Happy Birthday, Courts. xxx. Cyn.

What do you think is the next logical career move for Courtney?


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