Kim Kardashian May Have Just Accidentally Exposed Her Family -- Uh-Oh!

kim kardashianYou'd think Kim Kardashian, and all her media savviness, would know a thing or two about garnering publicity. There are a few rules one ought to follow, should they want to become famous (and make a buck or two off of said fame). One, get your name (and your product) out there by any means necessary -- any publicity is good publicity. That's PR 101, guys. Two, associate yourself with well-known people. If someone hears your name coming out of a famous person's mouth, they'll listen harder. Three, if all else fails, a sex tape's never killed anybody.

So, why in fresh hell is Kim going against everything she knows and (inadvertently?) helping the former nanny who wrote a Kardashian tell-all? Kim can't stop talking about the book!


In case this piece of Kardashian info managed to make its way past you unnoticed, allow me to pull it out and dust it off for you: Pam Behan, an old nanny of the Kardashian family, wrote an exposé on Kris Jenner, who was "grooming" her daughters for celeb status, and the rest of the family. Behan released the book online -- for free -- and somehow, it's managed to do poorly. Because of this, Behan is apparently looking to spice things up a bit and do all sorts of strange things (like leak an old confidentiality agreement) in order to generate some buzz. Whatever.

Now that Kim has gotten wind of Behan's latest desperate attempts, she's, understandably, pissed. And she's letting everyone know she's pissed. By blogging about Behan and the book. Perhaps it's just some preemptive damage control, but Kim's giving this woman the publicity she wants/need. She's getting people to talk about Behan's "product." Any publicity is good publicity, 'member? I certainly had forgotten about this idiotic book before today. But, hey, look at that, it's back on my low-brow radar, because Kim's talking about it.

Maybe Kim doesn't realize the strength of her superhuman PR powers. Or maybe she does -- too well -- and this is some Xtreme PR! reverse psychology mind-trickery type of thing, some next-level s**t. Who knows?! Only one thing's for sure. No matter what the outcome of this drama is, Kim will come out on top.

What do you think of this?


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