If Ann Romney Loves 'Modern Family' So Much, Why Doesn't She Gay Marry It?

Ann Romney Modern FamilyI can't say that I would have guessed that Modern Family is the series Ann Romney most looks forward to watching each week, but that's the answer the aspiring First Lady gave Entertainment Tonight when asked to name her favorite TV show. Maybe she watches it without focusing on the politics of same-sex couples, or maybe she gave a response she thought would make her more relatable to the public, or ... I don't know, maybe she thinks Cam is a woman?

At any rate, her praise for Modern Family has reached show creator Steve Levitan's ear, and he has quite the intriguing proposition for Ann. It involves Mrs. Romney appearing on her favorite show -- as a gay marriage officiant.


Mitt Romney has always been clear about his opposition to same-sex marriage (he said in June that he believes "marriage is between one man and one woman"), and while I wouldn't normally automatically assume a wife shares her husband's views on a specific political issue, in 2002 Ann Romney signed a petition supporting a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage and domestic partner benefits in Massachusetts. Plus, the Romneys as a family have given a lot of financial support to the Proposition 8 effort, through direct donations and tithing to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Call me crazy, but I think it's probably safe to say that Ann Romney isn't exactly passionate about publicly supporting marriage equality. While for whatever reason she may be a fan of a show that features a committed gay couple, the show's co-creator obviously isn't a fan of her views:

Ohhhhhh, snap.

I'm not sure I would have waded into that particular minefield if I were Steve Levitan, but he must have seen this as an opportunity to share his own strong beliefs. Do you think Ann will keep watching? Does Mitt watch it too, chuckling indulgently at Cam and Mitch? Who knows, but interestingly enough, Ann's love for Modern Family is something she shares with President Obama, who declared it his favorite show in 2010. Ah, it's nice when sitcoms transcend our political differences, isn't it?

What do you think of Levitan's offer to Ann Romney? Do you think it was too snarky, or a well-deserved response?

Images via Iowapolitics.com, ABC

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