Military Supports Prince Harry's Naked Scandal -- By Getting Naked on Facebook

Prince HarryWhen it comes to Prince Harry, what happened in Vegas didn't stay in Vegas, but there are plenty of fellow military men and women -- and regular subjects and fans alike -- who are sticking by the young prince in tough times. And of course they're doing this by dropping trou (and skirt, and bra, and ...) and saluting Harry on Facebook. The page, "Support Prince Harry with a Naked Salute!" has over 23,000 members and counting. And you don't have to do much to show Harry your support. Except, you know, pose naked and post it on a public Facebook page.


The page (there's also a Twitter feed and a website) started as a way for Army men to show support to their fellow soldier (Harry is in the British Army Air Corps). But soon even babies (or at least their parents) were sending in photos, so the site has opened up to anyone who feels compelled to strip and post. The site asks that you "cover your crown jewels," however.

The military members could be risking their jobs with this exhibitionism, but they say they're determined to show their support for the royal ginger. One woman, dressed in military pants and beret, salutes while showing off her bare seven-months-pregnant belly.

While it's unlikely the Facebook posters will be disciplined, reportedly the top brass aren't ga-ga over the overly exposed military men and women. Says one source:

Everyone sees the funny side but there are people at senior levels in the Army who do not consider this to be appropriate. They will be thinking "Does this really shows us in the professional light we want to be seen in?"

One woman's post of support seems to sum up why the military is baring it for a royal they've never even met:

If you can fight in Afghanistan you can get naked wherever you choose in my book. We salute you Sir!!!!

Personally, I'd never get naked in a public forum if it put my own job and reputation at risk, but I guess I can understand the sense of community and one-for-all that goes along with a high-risk career like military man or woman. I do, however, think it's one thing to support a fellow soldier who was injured or otherwise needs real help -- and another to be willing to expose yourself to ridicule and possible penalization because another soldier took it upon himself to party a bit too much in Vegas.

If the situation were reversed, and a regular Joe (or Nigel) soldier was being discharged or punished because of something like this, would Harry step in and help out? Doubtful. What if a video comes out soon? Is everyone going to make a video too?

It's all in good fun, and military members deserve a laugh. If they're getting it from this, fine. But I don't really understand the comrade-in-arms code that says, one soldier's naked romp goes public, so we all have to have a naked romp go public.

Do you think soldiers should show their support by stripping for Harry?

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