Crazy Shia LaBeouf Took LSD in Order to 'Get Into Character'

shia labeoufShia LaBeouf has come a long way since his days as an eager, short-haired kid on the Disney show, Even Stevens, and the reality show, Project Greenlight. In the spirit of veteran method actors we know and respect (Christian Bale, Daniel Day Lewis), Shia has now evolved into a Hollywood bad boy. Or a complete weirdo. Dude's been up to some strange shit lately.

It recently came out, by Shia, that he will be having sex in his latest film, Nymphomaniac. Not Hollywood smoke and mirrors sex; full-on boning will be taking place in the movie. And now, he's doing us one better (maybe), by letting us know that he took LSD in order to understand his character in The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman.


LaBeouf recently talked to USA Today about his experience, saying: "There's a way to do an acid trip like Harold & Kumar, and there's a way to be on acid. What I know of acting, Sean Penn actually strapped up to that [electric] chair in Dead Man Walking. Those are the guys that I look up to." 

In addition to tripping his b***s off, and having sex on film, Shia also towed the line while shooting Lawless with Mia Wasikowska. The movie takes place during Prohibition, so Shia -- for his craft -- imbibed as much moonshine as he could tolerate. (Wasikowska was apparently appalled by his drunken antics and tried to quit the film.) John Hillcoat, his Lawless director, said that LaBeouf's strategies are "method-like," not technically "method."

So. What the hell is going on with Shia? Is this the real him, finally standing up? Or was he just tired of being Shia LaBeouf, and decided to reinvent himself? I tend to think the latter, as, I sort of believe, if you're truly eccentric, that's how you always are. Unless you've been stranded on a desert island for years where your only friend is a volleyball named Wilson or something, it's hard to "become weird." Joaquin Phoenix knows what I'm talking about. But I digress. The real issue here is LaBeouf's taking acid "for a role." I'm not buying it. That's not really classified as homework in Hollywood, that's a Tuesday night.

What do you think of Shia's acting methods lately?

Image via Simon Davison/Flickr

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