Kim Kardashian Lets Kanye Trash Her Closet (VIDEO)

Kim Kardashian
But I don't wanna ...
When you're Kanye West, you've got to make sure your girlfriend looks goooood. One would think that if your girlfriend is Kim Kardashian, that wouldn't be a problem. Apparently, Yeezy decided that Kimmy needed a few style pointers, and on last night's Keeping Up With The Kardashians the two lovebirds weaved through Kimmy's over-the-top closet that I could probably definitely live comfortably in (as long as there's a mini fridge).

The duo wasn't attacking Fort Knox alone, though. With Kanye's stylist along for the ride, the game was ON. Can't lie though, I'm a little confused as to why Kanye has a stylist if he's a fashion designer. Heh, minor details.

What did we learn? Well 1. That Kim has a shit ton of stuff and 2. That just because her stuff is designer, doesn't mean she needs to keep it forever and ever. A $1,000 pair of Louboutins (or something like that)? Get rid of 'em, girl.


First let's see what happens when Kanye and his stylist attack Kim's closet, shall we?

... about that. Seriously, I would die to have half of the things that 'Ye was making Kim get rid of in her closet. Like I said though, if Kim's trying to be "more of an individual" (AKA, the female clone of Kanye) -- then yes, she's gonna have to trade in a few of her more pricy faves.

For instance, individuals don't rock the same shoe that everyone else is rocking. They may carry a shearling bag, but well, that one was admittedly pretty wretched. Being an individual is about wearing what feels unique to you. I get it, Kim's just looking for a little friendly advice and wants to impress her boo. Now I wanna see what she does with it, besides wear items from Kanye's fall collection.

What did you think of Kanye raiding Kim's closet? What are some things you've gotten rid of recently?

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