7 New 'American Horror Story: Asylum' Promos to Give You Nightmares (VIDEOS)

American Horror Story Asylum nun blue coatHello, see you in your nightmares tonight ... 

As if the first American Horror Story: Asylum teaser trailer wasn't creepy enough with all its freaky colors and scratchy haunt music and buckets of body parts, the show's creators have done it again ... seven more times! That's right, the AHS crew has released seven more new promo clips for Season 2 that will promptly scare the crap out of you.

Don't believe me? Then click through to take a look at all seven new sneak peeks. I dare you. In fact, I double dog dare you. Even if you think you're unshakable, I suggest you get yourself a washcloth or something to bite down on so as not to scare the children with your shrieking.

SPOILERS!!! Don't click if you don't want to see the scary sneaks!


If last season's haunted mansion plotlines didn't leave you crying for mommy, it appears that this season's 1960s asylum backdrop is ripe for pure on-screen terror. Forget haunted attics and basements, stitched-back-together Franken-babies, and tight-lipped murderers dressed in rubber, this season looks to be full of sadistic, ritualistic medical torture and ungodly characters in a nuthouse of nun horrors. Excited yet? Just wait ... 

Creepy nun freakfest alert! This is seriously stuff nightmares are made of. Oh that last second (bites washcloth)!

"Blue Coat": Don't try to escape. You're being watched. 

Before you view this milky bathtub thriller, take note of this little historical medical tidbit from ScienceFiction.com:

Apparently, in the 60s, hydrobaths were used in the treatment of mental illnesses particularly schizophrenia and seizure disorders. The patient would be restrained in the bathtub covered up to their necks and bathed in warm water. 


"Hydrobath": Are you ready for the birth of the new horror? The Asylum is open. 

More nun scares. Get that washcloth ready.

"White Rose": Roses are white, the violence is new, and here is the latest hint for you ... 

WTF? Eeesh.

"Ascend": Whatever you do ... Don't. Look. Down. 

This one is the scariest one of all to me. Is this a monster of nature (a la ball-rolling attic child Beau in Season 1)? Or is it someone made into a monster? Either way, I'm completely freaked by this clip.

"Glass Prison": Once you've committed ... There's no way out. 

The music in this one is almost as scary as all those dirty crazed lunatic hands. And eek, that's the bucket from the first teaser trailer, isn't it? What ... is ... going ... on????!

"Red Rave": Be careful what you pass along. 


No, it's the nun again. Horrors!

"White Rave": In the Asylum, It’s a Different Kind of Party.

OMG, I need a lobotomy if I'm ever going to sleep again! Where can I get one of those? Um, uh oh. Nooooooooooooo!

Are these teaser promos scaring the crap out of you?

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