Rob Kardashian's Kris Jenner Tattoo Proves He's a Hopeless Mama's Boy

Rob KardashianAs the only boy in the Kardashian Klan, sometimes you gotta feel for Rob Kardashian, all in there by himself, repping the Y chromosome. He's always grasping the dress-tails of the closest sister sibling, whether it's living with Khloe or begging the girls for his own clothing line. He recently broke down and cried in therapy, claimed he had no income, and blamed all his woes on "Princess Kim." Yeah, you can feel for him. But then he does something like get a huge tattoo of mom Kris Jenner all up his arm. And then it's like, Hey, mama's boy, grow a pair, would ya?


Rob recently revealed the ginormous tat of Kris on right arm. It joins the one of his father, Robert, on his other arm. The father I get. Robert Kardashian, Sr. is dead. But Kris? Okay, you can love your mama. But when you are already totally overshadowed by everyone with a vayjay in your family, why would you want to be physically overshadowed by one of them too?

Plus, nothing says Strong Independent Male like a tat of mom. (Sarcasm.) Especially a momager like Kris, who has been accused of "pimping" out her daughters more than once. This, combined with pretty much all of Rob's haphazard attempts to forge his own path, just makes him look kind of pathetic.

I'm sure a lot of women would have no trouble being with a guy who sports a mom tat, but it would send up a huge red flag for me. If mom is still alive and kicking, does this mean mom still rules her son with an iron apron? Does he have to check in before any decision? Would her son's affections for me rise and fall with mom's daily whims? Does he insist on having dinner at her place every night? Does she LIVE with us?!

A man who has a good respectful relationship (with clear boundaries!) with his mother is definitely a turn-on. A man who cries, "Mama, make it better!" every time he has an issue is definitely not. Which is Rob? With that tat, it's not too hard to figure out.

Have you ever dated a mama's boy?

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