Latest Prince Harry Shocker: Secret Facebook Page Shut Down After Naked Pic Scandal

Prince HarryI'm sure there's been a lot of uncomfortable fallout for Prince Harry since he definitively proved that what happens in Vegas does NOT always stay in Vegas, but it sure is a bummer to hear that he had to shut down his secret Facebook page. I mean, a man's Facebook page is where he shares his feelings in the form of status updates, his photographic evidence of his partying prowess, and his -- wait a minute, Prince Harry had a secret Facebook page?

Yes indeed, according to widespread reports, Harry had been enjoying Facebook for the last four years. Not under "Prince Henry of Wales, Henry Charles Albert David, commonly known as Prince Harry," mind you. He had a social media pseudonym, and I have to say, the name he chose seems oddly appropriate given his recent nude photos.


I mean, he was going by Spike Wells. SPIKE WELLS. I'm sorry, but that's a pretty great porn name, especially if you add the Harry part, because then you get Harry Spike Wells and okay I'll stop now.

Apparently Spike had more than 400 friends, including some of Britain's youngest and richest movers and shakers. His profile said he was from Maun, Botswana (a town visited by Harry and his former girlfriend Chelsy Davy in 2007), and his profile image once featured a red-headed child holding their head under the comment, “Oh my God, I’m ginger." The mysterious Spike also posted pictures of a hiker in sub-zero conditions holding a Union Flag with a logo for the charity “Walking With the Wounded," which is an organization Harry has publicly supported (he also joined the organization for a week during their North Pole expedition in 2011).

The Telegraph has all sorts of other evidence linking Spike and Harry, and really, I have no idea if this is whole thing is true but it wouldn't shock me. For a guy who's expected to behave in a certain way but clearly doesn't always toe the line, the idea of him having a rogue Facebook page where he was posting party images and snarking on his friends' pages doesn't seem all that surprising.

Maybe Harry figured that even with all the privacy controls he was using on Spike's page, it was a good time to make it go bye-bye, or maybe the rumors that his private secretary told him to delete the page are true, but at any rate, "Spike Wells" has disappeared from the web. Of course, this being the Internet, you can always enjoy the ongoing chatter about the prince on Tumblr, where there's an impressive amount of speculation still going on about Spike, Harry, Harry's friends, Facebook, and whether Harry looks hotter in an Angry Birds hat or a fedora.

Did you know about the "Spike Wells" Facebook page? Would you be surprised if it really was Prince Harry all along?

Image via DVIDSHUB/Flickr

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