Girls Partying With Prince Harry Speak -- & What They Say Will Shock You (VIDEO)

prince harry So many details have emerged -- and continue to emerge -- about Prince Harry's Wet n' Wild Vegas weekend, that it almost seems like the Spare to the Heir was in Sin City for a month, not a few days. How did dude manage to cover that much partying ground in the short time he was there? I've gotta be honest, it's impressive. Harry hung by the pool with bikini-clad babes; he raced Ryan Lochte; he, as you know, played strip billiards; and now we're learning, thanks to a group of women who were with the royal over the weekend, that he joined in on the festivities of a bachelorette party -- sporting a "Let’s get wild: Lauren’s Bachelorette" t-shirt and all. Such a mischievous little prince.


Lauren and Monica Martirano, classily spoke to Inside Edition recently, where they regaled their run-in with Wills' younger brother. Apparently, the women spotted him hanging out in a cabana at the MGM Grand hotel, and they went over to him. Ballsy! Sister Monica, 26, said: "It's so crazy. We couldn't believe it was happening. We actually approached him. We were at different cabanas. So we went up to him politely and started a little conversation. It was great. We had a nice conversation."

The girls then explained how the conversation dovetailed into the personalized "Let’s get wild: Lauren’s Bachelorette" tank tops they were wearing -- and how Harry asked for one. Obviously, they obliged, and the next thing they knew, the prince was clad in one, on a friend's shoulders, waving his hands in the air. Lauren, 24, said: "We were speechless. We just stood there with our jaws dropped." And then, the girls said that Harry asked about all of their relationship statuses, and when he found out they were all taken, backed off. They even called him a "gentleman." Hmph. Who'd've thought? The Prince of Partying is actually a really respectful dude. 

Check out the video:

Needless to say, details are going to continue to come forth as to what the prince was doing that weekend. Knowing our society, anyone and everyone who as much as laid eyes on Harry in Vegas will have some sort of story to tell. It's slightly fascinating, but it's also completely ridiculous.

Now we just sit back and wait to find out who that girl he was bear-hugging naked is. It's only a matter of time.

What do you think of all these people coming forth about their contact with Prince Harry?

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