John Mayer & Katy Perry Split: Who's the Real Heartbreaker? (VIDEO)

katy perry john mayerWell, that was fast. People mag broke the heartwrenching news to the world today that will shock and disturb absolutely no one: Despite being seen around L.A. actin' all hot and heavy through most of the summer, Katy Perry and John Mayer are no longer dating (or whatever it is they were doing ... I would guess it was all about sex). Sources close to the couple say Katy's hurt, but they'll just "end up as friends," and no one should shed any tears over the split, because they were "honestly having fun. People made it out to be far more than it was." Fair enough.

And yet, John's already getting ripped across the web for being a total sleazemeister who's out to hurt every famous 20-something in record time. Don't you know he was just hooking up with Katy to earn another notch on his cowboy couture-inspired belt? 


I know we all love a good Hollywood gossip fairy tale where there's a clear-cut villain. And sure, John's gone through quite a few celebrity GFs ... and said waaaay too much about most of 'em to the press. But I'm not sure that makes him a total douche. Maybe he didn't crush Katy Perry's cotton candy- and bubblegum-filled heart with his bare hands. Maybe they were just two consensual adults hooking up, because they were both lonely and horny.

Also, no matter what was really going on between these two, do we really think either of them is capable of carrying on a down-to-earth, legit long-term relationship at this point? Puhleeease! Even though John was once a musically-gifted guy from Connecticut and Katy was once a sweet Christian girl next door, they've both gone SO Hollywood. It's practically impossible to know what's real and what's fake when you're that immersed in showbiz. I bet they'll have to truly break free -- and find partners who are a.) not fellow entertainers and/or b.) out of the phony-baloney L.A. loop -- before either of them is able to truly settle down again.

Here's a video of them in happier times ...

Are you sad or unsurprised to hear about this split? Do you agree both Katy and John are too immersed in showbiz to have grounded relationships?



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