New Details About Prince Harry's Nude Night of Partying Are a Royal Nightmare

Prince HarryJust when we thought the Prince Harry nude photo hype was starting to die down a bit, new reports are surfacing indicating that the worst of the embarrassment may be yet to come for the young royal. Supposedly the photos that were already released may not be the only ones that exist, because two other American women are claiming they were at the party during Harry's night of nakedness -- and that they too have pictures they're willing to sell. (Yikes!)

Huh. Someone else wants to make a cheap buck off what is already a highly embarrassing scandal. Imagine that.


And these two alleged female party-goers aren't the only threat that's still looming around Prince Harry. The palace made a statement urging British newspapers to refrain from publishing the existing pictures of Harry that are already online -- and The Sun has already gone against their request. And something tells me the Queen is none-too-pleased about seeing her grandson in the buff on a tabloid cover.

Another source who claims to have inside information says, "There's more out there. Stories which won't go down well with the royal family. It could get worse."

(Stories?! What kind of stories? Is it possible that more went on in that hotel suite than innocent naked partying?)

But by far, the most disappointing detail that has emerged as far as the royal family goes is that Harry was apparently aware that the photos were being taken. And considering he and his new "friends" were said to be engaging in a friendly game of "strip pool," you'd think he would've thought twice about letting anyone hang onto their cellphones. (Seriously, who wouldn't snap pictures of Prince Harry if he were in the same room as them -- regardless of whether he was nude or not?)

What do you think? Is the worst yet to come?


Image via Walking With The Wounded/Flickr

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