Katie Holmes Divorce Settlement Finalized & What She Gets Is Priceless

Katie Holmes & Suri CruiseIn case you're wondering how it is that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' divorce was finalized so quickly -- in two months, which is fast for anyone let alone celebs -- it's because of this: Katie walked (sprinted) out of the marriage with nothing for herself. Nothing. Nada. Five years of marriage and she got shinola. Well, she got Suri. And Suri will have child support payments. But they're more in line with what a rich father would pay, not what a megarich movie star father would pay. But Katie will get something more important than money.


TMZ says that Katie's divorce settlement will include $400,000 a year in child support for Suri, which Tom has to pay until Suri turns 18. So that totals $4.8 million. A big chunk of change but nothing near Tom's net worth. Tom also has to pay for all of Suri's expenses, including her college education. He also has to cast her in his next movie. Ha! Joke.

Katie gets nada for herself -- no spousal support, and apparently no assets. No homes, no cars, no yachts, etc. But in return for not trying to take Tom to the cleaners, Katie gets one really supadupa important thing: An agreement that Suri won't be attending any "boarding school," i.e., that Scientology Sea Org thingamagiggy. Yipee! Gymnastics classes? Check. Trips to the Central Park Zoo? Check. Months or years on a ship out in the middle of the Atlantic studying Scientology? Hells naw!

That Katie didn't fight for more of the assets the two accumulated during their marriage -- which legally she would have been entitled to at least some of -- shows how badly she wanted OUT.

But cry not for Katie. She's young, she's got a line of clothing, she'll probably get a few more acting gigs at least. Girlfriend won't starve. And, most importantly, she gained her happiness. Look at her. Doesn't she finally look happy?! Can't put a price on peace of mind.

Do you think Katie got enough out of the marriage?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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