Ryan Lochte Is 'Happy' He & Prince Harry Didn't Party Together in Vegas (VIDEO)

ryan lochteRyan Lochte is claiming he's happy he wasn't invited to Prince Harry's Royal Ball in Vegas last weekend. I claim he's lying. Ryan Lochte's happy he didn't get caught balls-deep in booze, naked chicks, and other bacchanalia accoutrements last weekend; I think he would have loved to have been invited to back to Harry's swank $8,000-a-night suite overlooking the Vegas strip. Who wouldn't have? It looked like a ball! Okay, I'll stop with the ball jokes now. Maybe. Probably not.


When the Olympic swimmer sat down and "talked" with Matt Lauer on Today yesterday, he was peppered with questions on how he's choosing to relax after the Summer Games. This, of course, was done in a cheeky way by Lauer, since Lochte's been choosing to relax with plenty of booze, bikini-clad babes, and of course, Prince Harry.

As Lochte robotically tells it, he was hanging out at a Vegas pool party when Harry's "people" approached him and told him the prince wanted to meet him. To which he said yes. And to which the two jumped in the pool and raced one another, as people often do when they're meeting for the first time. But apparently, when the party continued to Harry's room afterward, Lochte didn't get an invite. The limey bastard! But wait! Ryan's glad he wasn't invited to Harry's hoity-toity members only party. Because he "doesn't need that." Check him out. 

I think what Ryan means here -- and correct me if I'm wrong, Ryan; I know you're reading this -- is that he didn't need photos of his naked ass plastered all over the Internet. As for the party itself, I think he would have perfectly happy being there, as most of us would have.

Would you like to have been at Prince Harry's Vegas Ballstravaganza?



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