Kris Jenner Wants Kim Kardashian & Kanye West to Have a Secret Wedding (VIDEO)

Kim Kardashians and Kanye WestFor the love of Kanye, could Kris Jenner please learn the phrase "no comment" or at least make some sort of effort to stay out of the love lives of her children? Oh, but silly me, that would mean a missed chance to generate some Kardashian buzz, so that's not going to happen.

In her latest bit of oversharing about her daughter's love life, she gushed and gushed to E! about how great Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are together. "I've never seen Kim this happy. She's calm, she's happy, she's content in her life right now. I think she's working hard, she loves what she's doing, she's passionate about her projects, and she's loving life right now."

Which is great, and I'm happy for them, but why is Kris trying so hard to sell the world their love story? I mean her daughter is still technically married after all.


When E! asked her if she thought Kanye is The One, she was a little more coy, saying, "I think there's always a chance when you're dating someone that they could be the one."

As for what kind of wedding they should have if he is, she's got that all figured out too. "My advice as a manager would be get out of town as fast as you can and go to some secret, discreet location," she said.

That means no televised fairy tale part two I guess?

It's hard to believe she'd actually advocate for something that would be bereft of money generation and publicity, though she did give herself an out. She added, "But you know, I might have a different opinion tomorrow. You just never know."

No, with the Kardashians, you really never do.

Do you think Kim and Kanye should get married? If they do, do you think they'll do it privately?


Image via E!


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