Prince Harry's Nude Pics Scandal Brought to You By the Cellphone

Oh, that Prince Harry. Was everyone shocked, shocked that he got nekkid in a Las Vegas hotel room with a bunch of pals and strange women? C'mon now, this is the guy who wore a Nazi costume to a Halloween party. I don't care how much we crush on this ginger, Harry ain't the brightest bulb in the royal bunch. But maybe you wouldn't be either if you had a bunch of "handlers" to keep you out of trouble, as Harry has had since he could crawl. When you've got other people paid to make your judgment calls for you, why learn any judgment? Only this time, Harry's handlers failed too. Whoops!


Reports say the Royal Family isn't just peeved with Harry's lapse in judgment -- but with his security team. And not because they let a buncha panty-droppers in his room (this couldn't be that unusual, I reckon), BUT because they neglected to take the panty-droppers' cellphones away from them. So -- of course! -- the gals began snapping pics of the crown jewels. Wouldn't you?

Says TMZ:

One of Harry's minders lackadaisically told the women, 'awww, come on ... no photos ...'

Yeah, no photos. Sure, dude. Tee hee. These days, every famous or powerful person has handlers who routinely take away cellphones from people near said famous person. It's just routine. Of course, things still get through.

When Ashton Kutcher cheated on Demi Moore, his one-night stand told the media that one of Ashton's bodyguards made sure to take her cellphone. Unfortunately that didn't stop someone else from snapping pics of Ash partying at the same spot earlier.

Bodyguards of the rich and irresponsible might want to look into getting a cellphone jammer that shuts the pesky devices down. On the other hand, famous peeps might just want to grow up and take responsibility for themselves and their actions.

Do you think cellphones or Harry's handlers are responsible for the nude scandal? Or just Harry?

Image via CompuJeramy/Flickr

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