Vanilla Ice's Zumba Partnership Is the Cheesiest Thing He's Ever Done (VIDEO)

Vanilla IceAll right stop! Collaborate and ... merengue? If there was a problem involving a lack of overplayed '90s songs officially incorporated into Zumba fitness classes, yo, Vanilla Ice has solved it. In the funniest music news since Avril Lavigne announced her engagement to that Nickleback guy (bets on whether or not Creed will play at the wedding?), Vanilla Ice -- real name Robert Matthew Van Winkle -- has partnered with Zumba to release a freshly remixed version of "Ice Ice Baby."

Huh. Zumba, you say? Well, the good news is that this certainly helps his cheesy whitebread image and will surely give him some long-needed musical credibility while putting to rest all the snickers and jokes made at his expense OH WAIT.


All right, fine, that was a little mean -- but come on, what kind of reaction can he possibly expect from this announcement? "Oh, Vanilla Ice retooled his one-hit-wonder song in order to milk a few extra royalties from the Zumba crowd? Out of all his increasingly painful stylistic changes, THIS is the comeback we've been waiting for!"

I guess I do have to grudgingly give him some credit for constantly hustling to make a buck. Remember when he grew dreadlocks and tried to rip off Cypress Hill? Then five years later (after nearly overdosing), he dyed his hair red, grew a goatee, and released a goofy Korn-esque version of "Ice Ice Baby" called "Too Cold"? Apparently those personas didn't quite pay the bills, though, because he went on to host a reality show about flipping homes called The Vanilla Ice Project.

At any rate, Ice is back (again) with a brand new invention (again). The Zumba remix of "Ice Ice Baby" is already available on iTunes, and there's also an awesome video featuring a Zumba routine that incorporates the rapper's "vintage choreography."

Behold the, uh, magic:

Zumba's director of music says the remix is reaching 12 million Zumba fans in a week, so "hopefully people are going to love it." Personally, I'm thinking it's a good thing people often experience an endorphin high during exercise.

What's your reaction to Vanilla Ice's Zumba-fied song? Do you love it?

Image via Billboard

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