Kourtney Kardashian & Scott Disick's Baby Penelope Didn't Solve Anything

Recently, a friend and I noticed an odd trend amongst our married acquaintances: Weeks or months or even years of chronic complaining about their relationships followed by a sudden announcement: We want to have a baby! Things that make you go Huh?! I want to market a T-shirt: "A Baby Is Not a Band-Aid." Because it seems that, for some couples, another baby is somehow seen as a marriage fix-all.

Is this what happened with Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick? We all remember how they weren't doing that great: Scott was constantly whining about their lack of a sex life; they were sleeping in separate bedrooms; and Kourtney was griping about pretty much everything about Scott. And then, all a sudden, baby time!


After all of these complaints, along came Penelope Scotland. Which at least proves Kourt and Scott had sex once. But now rumor has it that Kourt and Scott are doing worse than ever. (Of course, we never really hear about how fabulous the couple are doing.) One of those trusty sources told RadarOnline:

[They're] the worst they've ever been. Scott is never alone with Penelope because he is so irresponsible.

But since Kourtney is the epitome of the hyperhelicoptery mama, I doubt she'd leave Penelope alone with June Cleaver.

So what's ol' Scotty doing to rock their relationship now? Apparently he ain't rocking the cradle! He's drinking and partying and hanging out with "models" 'til the wee hours and blah blah blah ... his modus operandi hasn't exactly evolved over the years. But word has it his behavior is worse than ever. Worse? Is that possible?!

A spokesperson for the Kard Klan says all of this gossipy stuff is "untrue" and that Scott is the perfect dad. Well ... no one said that.

A new baby in the midst of marital discord might seem like a panacea to a couple hoping for more intimacy -- or at least more reason to stay together. But does it really ever work out that way? Babies are a lot of work and can put even more strain on an already taxed relationship.

I say if your marriage is in trouble and you're thinking Baby!! think second honeymoon instead. Or therapy. Or at least a few date nights. Because if you're not feeling the love after that, a baby won't do it either.

Do you think another baby can help a marriage?


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