Robert Pattinson Tells Jimmy Kimmel He Wants to See College Girls’ Dirty Underwear (VIDEO)

robert pattinsonRobert Pattinson admitted to Jimmy Kimmel last night that he's homeless and living in a trash can under an archway outside of L.A. The Twilight star sat down with Jimmy to talk about his new movie Cosmopolis, and while we're all a little bummed Mr. Kimmel didn't ask about the split from Kristen Stewart, RPattz's little homeless bit was enough to let fans know that he's officially moved out of the house he shared with KStew. That, and he wants to see some co-ed's sullied panties. (Ew.)


RPattz was pretty laid-back during the interview, and seemed more comfortable in his own skin than he has in more recent interviews. Discussing how he's rode his bike through a bunch of dudes looking for prostitutes, how he's bought a car off Craigslist, and how he'd like to see college girls' dirty underwear.

As you'll see, it seems like RPattz is in good spirits, makin' jokes, and lovin' on some ladies. Watch:

 And part 2:

After seeing this, I daresay he's over the whole thing.

What's your favorite part of the interview?


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