If Prince Harry Was a Princess No One Would Be Laughing (VIDEO)

Prince HarryThis whole flap over Prince Harry's nude pictures while cavorting in Las Vegas has for the most part given everyone plenty of giggles. While he ruffled a few feathers and may or may not face the wrath of the Queen, for the most part, it's just made him more endearing to the people. Vegas may even have to name something after him, as Sin City has seen a 123 percent leap in travel inquires after his naughty antics there. Basically, we bow to his nakedness.

Which is all fine. He's young; he's hot; he's a prince. Live it up now while you can, Harry, we think. He's one of us, not some stuffy, royal prince looking down his snooty nose at the peasants. Good for him.

But oh what a different story this would be if he were a princess.


There would be outrage, claims that she was demeaning herself, and, of course, the "slut" word would be thrown out. The blame and shame would be pouring forth, and no one would be laughing. No one would find it endearing.

Imagine if it were Pippa Middleton there in those shots naked with some random men. She would be crucified. Plain and simple. We would talk about what a bad example she's setting forth for young women, how irresponsible she was, and we'd wonder if she had some deep-rooted problem causing her to act like this. There certainly would be more than a slap on the wrist with a smirk, which Harry is getting.

It's unfortunate but true, and the sad fact is, my gut reaction would probably be the same. I looked at the pictures of Harry and laughed and said no big deal. But how often have I cringed when some young Hollywood actress is embroiled in a nude photo scandal, thinking she really should have more respect for herself. Even when I saw the girls in the photos with Harry, my first instinct was to question how desperate or opportunistic they were to be naked like that.

You can debate the morality of anyone being naked in Vegas if you like, but we should at least be doing it with the same amount of judgement no matter the person's sex. It's an age-old double standard though, and this is just one stark example of it.

As a mother raising both a daughter and a son, I'm more aware of it all the time. It's wrong, and while I'm not sure how we change it, I think at least acknowledging it when we see it -- from ourselves and others -- is a good start.

How do you think all of this fallout would be different if Prince Harry were a princess?

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