Prince Harry Should've Known That Royals Don't Get Naked

prince harry prince williamnIt's been said that, before she became a Duchess, Kate Middleton was always on her best behavior in anticipation of becoming royalty. There were no crotch shots when she exited cars; she was careful never to drink too much; and she always glossed up her lips before leaving da club. And it's served her well. She's now the future Queen of England, and there's nary a piece of incriminating evidence on the woman in sight. You know who needs to take a page out of her book? Prince Harry. Dude messed up royally. And his family, unsurprisingly, is pissed.


According to reports, Prince Harry is currently back home in England, waiting to "face up" to his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, who, obviously is none too pleased with his actions. And rightfully so. What he did was dumb.

Look, I love Prince Harry. Honestly, I do. And that's not just filler for this blog post -- search "Prince Harry" on this site, and I bet you'll find a whole mess of posts by me professing my adoration for him. But dude. What was he thinking? Terrible idea, boss. I get that he was in Vegas and he's 27 and all, but, when you're a prince, you don't get to do that stuff. Sorry. It's one of the drawbacks to being royalty -- thou shan't get hammered and strip down with a bunch of random chicks. Because it's inevitably going to wind up all over the Internet -- just like it has.

What do you think of Prince Harry's naked billiards scandal?


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