'RHOBH' Lisa Vanderpump Disses Prince Harry's Royal Jewels in Rude Attempt to Stay Relevant

Lisa VanderpumpYou would think that as a fellow Brit, Lisa Vanderpump, star of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, might have stuck up for Prince Harry of Wales now in the aftermath of his embarrassing nude photo scandal. Instead, she chose to embarrass him further and diss him big time by calling him out for having a small penis.

Oh yes, she did. TMZ got it on film so it's not like she can take it back either. They caught her while she was walking into a building, and she was blowing them off until she heard the word "naked" in connection with Prince Harry, then she did a double take. When the reporter showed her the pictures, she was less than kind.


Here exact words: "I need a magnifying glass to see that! Hold on, let me get my glasses. Then she went in for the big slam: "That's not a ROYAL penis!"

You can't even see his penis in the pics I've seen, so she was clearly just trying to be funny, but it's still kind of royally bitchy, no? The thing is that no one really cares much about Lisa these days. She was all fun and witty in the early days of RHOBH, but with all the talk of the new season and potential hot new blood, no one is really talking about her. She's frankly just not that interesting, and Pandora's whole pink puff of a wedding really gave us Vanderpump overload. So you know this was her attempt at relevancy, which just makes her look bad.

As for Harry, the pictures aren't hurting him a bit in the eyes of the public. In fact, Royal Experts say they simply "endear him" to people. Royal biographer and Majesty Editor-in-Chief, Ingrid Seward, told People:

Nobody goes to Vegas for a holiday – they go there to have a good time. And he sure knows how to have a good time!"  "I think that's what people love about Harry.


Do you think Lisa was out of line mocking the size of Prince Harry's penis?


Image via TMZ

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