Kourtney Kardashian Picked a Guardian for Her Kid -- Why Can't I?

kourtney kardashianI finally watched last Sunday's Keeping Up With the Kardashians (thank god, right?!), and oddly enough, the storyline contained one of my biggest issues in life: Picking a guardian for my daughter, should anything happen to both my husband and me.

In case you missed the episode or really could give a crap about all things Kardashian, here's the CliffsNotes: Kris Jenner asked Kourtney if she picked a guardian for her son, Mason. Kourtney said yes. Turns out it's Khloe. Kim was pissed. But then got over it when something shiny was dangled in her face. The end.

So. How do you pick a guardian for your child? I know I should pick someone, and it's totally irresponsible that I haven't, being that my baby is almost 4 months old. But, well, so far, I've found something wrong with all my options.


Either the people aren't in a good location; or they're too old; or too young; or just plain not responsible enough. I know, this is bad times. And I realize that since my husband and I made the "adult" decision to have a kid, we should make the responsible decision to choose a guardian, as well. And we will. After some serious vetting. And even then, who's to say whomever we "pick" will (god forbid) want a baby?

I actually know a couple who won't fly together. Yes, they take separate flights everywhere they go because they don't want to (god forbid) both die and leave their kids. I suggested this to my husband, and unsurprisingly, he thought I was ridiculous. And I guess I am. I mean, at that rate, why not always take separate cars, too?

The important thing is finding a loving, caring, reliable person for your child, right? Someone who you know will never let them down and who will, well, raise them similarly to how you would have. When you don't have a big family -- and they're spread out across states -- that isn't necessarily easy to find.

But, I know, we need to make a decision. Because as Kris Jenner will tell you, not having someone is highly irresponsible.

How did you pick your guardian for your child? What were some of the "musts"?


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