'Perfect' Emily Maynard May Already Be Cheating on Jef Holm

Emily MaynardBeware dear fans of The Bachelorette's Emily Maynard, you are about to get rocked. Rumor has it that Maynard -- she of perfect blonde hair, a killer bod, and the sweetest Southern accent known to man -- is a dirty, dirty cheater. Yes, sir. You read that right.

Us Weekly is reporting that she was caught texting dirty with another man while on vacation in South Carolina with Jef Holm and his family. Say it isn't so!

My first inclination is not to believe it. But if it's true, then Maynard is quite the fake now, isn't she? She talked a great game about love and marriage and wanting more babies, but if this is true, all she wanted was the big rock and then to do whatever she wanted.


Has the fame gone to her head? That would be my first guess. There is no doubt that being The Bachelorette has meant great parties and the red carpet at every event. It's wild, it's crazy, and sure, it can probably all get a bit heady.

Still, if she is cheating already, that's a very bad sign. Jef should run, run, run, and not look back. After all, didn't she JUST date 25 men who were all about her? If she STILL can't commit, then she isn't the one for him.

Still, it's a shock. Emily seemed like the next Trista Rehn. But maybe Trista's era of the show is over. Then it was new and exciting and really about love. Now it's just about getting famous. The show even has its own "celebrities" like Erica Rose and Melissa Rycroft. The show made them well known.

If Emily cheated, it would be annoying, but not surprising. The show has a way of turning even seeming sweethearts into complete fame whores.

No, Emily! Please say it's not true!

Do you believe the rumors?


Image via US Weekly

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