'Idol' Gig Could Make Kanye West & Kim Kardashian King & Queen of Reality TV (VIDEO)

Kanye West on American IdolLooks like Kanye West is taking hints from Kim Kardashian and possibly trying out reality TV. No, I'm not just talking guest spots on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, I'm talking bigger. Get this: According to TMZ, Kanye West could be sitting alongside Nicki Manaj and Mariah Carey for the next season of American Idol. Kanye as an American Idol judge!? I'd hate watch the hell out of that!

I just imagine every word that comes out of Kanye's mouth will be dripping in self promotion. Something like, "Dayum girl that was a great performance but not as great as my album that drops in two weeks" or "Shoot that dress you got on would look MUCH better on Kim's fine a@!" How is there going to be time for the actual competition with that much ego in one house?

More importantly, though, let's think about what this means for his relationship with Kimmy. I'm pretty sure a major move like this would make them the most powerful, high-earning couple in Hollywood. RIGHT!?


OK, so maybe that's a stretch. For a moment though, can we just chat about HOW much the duo would be racking in from TV appearances alone? Kim makes $40,000/per episode of Keeping Up, totalling at around $720,000/year. Rumor has it that if Kanye joins the Idol judges, he wants the same $18 million salary that Mariah Carey allegedly makes. Last season there were 40 episodes. That means Kanye would make $450,000 ... per show. A grand total of $18,720,000 for the couple in TV stints alone? That's Kimyepic.

You know what's crazy? That's how much Kim allegedly made for participating in her own wedding! OK, so I don't believe that, really. But it is 187 times MORE than the total amount of the gifts she received at her wedding to that Humphries character. Heck, Kim could buy 100+ wedding dresses for her dream wedding with Kanye with that much cash. Her original three dresses only cost $150,000. The only thing? That many changes would make for an extra long wedding special. I don't have that kind of attention span.

Either way, I can't lie -- I would LOVE to watch Kanye on Idol. He'd be way too much of a gem NOT to watch. And shoot, Kim and the Kardashian clan coming to hang out in the audience? That wouldn't be so bad either.

What do you think of Kanye potentially signing on as an Idol judge?


Image via SOCIALisBETTER/Flickr

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