Did Teresa Giudice Honestly Think Bravo Wasn't Going to Air Joe's 'Mistress' Phone Call?

Teresa GiudiceI admit it, I felt bad for Teresa Giudice after I saw her super-evolved husband Joe talking on the phone with his alleged mistress in the most recent episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. And then watching her try to have sex with him afterwards -- and him rejecting her? Good Lord, was that all sorts of uncomfortable to watch. (And how about the next morning when he was pushing her face out of his when the two were in bed? Awk-ward!) But when I heard that Teresa "begged" Bravo not to air the episode, I still felt bad for her -- but I also thought: Um, yeah, see, it doesn't work that way. 


I think we can all agree that Teresa loves being famous. She seems to be on the cover of Us Weekly or Star or whatever -- on her own volition -- on a weekly basis. She always turns it on when the cameras are around, and never makes apologies for who she is/how she acts. She's created this famous persona and seems to be enjoying all the things that come with it for better or for worse. But when "the worse" is really bad, Teresa doesn't get to say "delete!" When you put yourself out there -- and make a living off of being, well, in the spotlight -- it's no holds barred. If the camera catches it, sorry, it's Bravo's for the taking. 

Teresa wrote in a blog post that she realized her "begging" was futile, and then went on to say that this is how it is in reality TV, etc. And that's respectable -- but it's also a bit of a pile of crap. She kind of has to take this route since Bravo didn't yank the episode.

In this same blog post, she also went on to talk about how she and Joe are doing well and nobody's perfect and their marriage is good, blah blah blah. So ... yeah. I guess you can say she has bigger problems than Bravo airing the episode.

Do you think Teresa should leave Joe? Do you feel bad for her?


Image via Bravo

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