Prince Harry's Embarrassing Nude Photo Leak Would Break Princess Diana's Heart

Prince HarryLast night TMZ published nude photos of a very buff Prince Harry. Oh Prince Harry. Unlike your brother William who mostly does the right things, you are the one who constantly needs supervision. At 27, his behavior (especially in Vegas) isn't all that strange or shocking. It's normal. But as a royal, it could be massively humiliating.

The young prince's mother died when he was still a child and there is some desperation and lack of maternal supervision in his wild ways. Even more striking is the fact that Princess Diana was all but killed by the paparazzi during a high speed chase in Paris. Though her driver was also at fault, according to the jury, there is no doubt that the paparazzi hounding that made her miserable in life also contributed to her death.

So the fact that it continues with her babies would undoubtedly break her heart.


It's obvious why people are curious. Prince Harry is a gorgeous, rich, and young royal. He is a wayward youth who does wild things and gets caught doing them. It's an interesting story. I am in the media. I get that.

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But can't a prince get a little privacy? Why do we need to see photos of his naked behind? Is he a little wild? Yes. Is he a little immature? Possibly. Was his brother cavorting in this manner? We don't know. If he was, he didn't get caught.

I imagine, as a mom, Harry's mom might roll her eyes at him and tell him it's a crappy move on his part. But I bet she would be more angry at the creep who leaked the photos. This is someone Harry trusted, I would assume. Because he (or she) wanted to make a quick buck, they sold the photos.

That's the sad part. It's sad that Harry will probably always have to work harder to find people he can trust. It's sad that he doesn't have a mother to help guide his behavior and help him navigate his extra-complicated public life. I am sure his mother would feel sad that just by birth, he was tossed into this life.

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Obviously it comes with many perks -- money, great vacations, titles, attention -- but it also has its major drawbacks. This is one of them.

Hold your head high, Harry! This is embarrassing, but you aren't abnormal. The storm will pass and it's a lot less awful than wearing a Nazi uniform for Halloween. So, there's that. 

Do you think he should be embarrassed?



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