Avril Lavigne Gets Engaged & Needs a Tattoo Artist STAT

Avril LavigneSurprise! Here's some shocking news I didn't expect to hear anytime soon -- Avril Lavigne is engaged. Even more shocking is the identity of the person who actually put a ring on her finger. Hint: It's not her ex, Brody Jenner. Nor is it (thank god) Marilyn Manson to whom she's been recently linked in rumors.

It's Chad Kroeger of Nickelback.

What, you didn't know they were dating? Me either! In fact, I don't think anyone did. I kind of figured she and Brody were still going to work things out. They broke up in January, but I really wanted to see the sk8er girl join the whole crazy Kardashian-Jenner clan just to shake things up a bit. Clearly that wasn't meant to be because according to People, Avril, 27, and Chad, 37, started heating up in February while co-writing a song for her album. They've apparently wasted no time since either as they're already headed down the aisle.


Sources told the magazine he popped the question on August 8. He gave her a big old 14-carat engagement ring to make it official too. A source said:

He makes her so happy. Both of their families could not be more excited.

There's no word yet as to when the wedding will be, but Avril in particular has a lot of work to do in the meantime like... finding a tattoo artist! Yeah, remember how she had "Brody" tatted in cursive along her upper rib cage? I'm guessing Chad's not going to want to look at that until death (or whatever) do they part. When will people learn that tattooing the name of your lover on your body is never a good idea? NEVER.

In any case, congrats to the happy couple. May they live and rock on happily ever after. Oh, and a big old happy birthday to Brody Jenner too, as it ironically happens to be his birthday today. 

Are you shocked that Avril Lavigne is engaged? Do you think Kroeger is a better match for her than Jenner was?


Image via IUUK_/Flickr

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