Taylor Lautner Shouldn't Bow Wow Wow Out Just Because Rob & Kristen Did

jacobYou know what? I totally get why Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson would want to bail on the Twilight conventions. I really do. It's been a tumultuous summer for them and it would just be... bunglesome to see them together. Or separately. How would they even work out an appearance? Plus they have other movies to promote now.

But Taylor Lautner bailing on Twilight conventions, too -- now that I do not get at all. Et tu, Taylor Lautner? Why you gotta leave Team Jacob howling at the moon? Ah-Ooooooo!


If Taylor went to the conventions he'd be the STAR. No sharing the spotlight with Robsten, it would be All Team Jacob, All The Time. Which would be refreshing! Taylor has kind of, sort of, been in Robsten's shadow all this time. He's the "lone wolf" of the famous trio. Except he does kind of treat Robsten as his pack, too. With the leaders gone he should take over as the alpha! Is this extended metaphor hurting your eyes?

Taylor hasn't given any reason for skipping the conventions this time around. Which begs the question, what's he got going on that's so absorbing he can't show up to even console weeping Bella/Edward fans?

A quick perusal of Taylor's IMDb shows Grown Ups 2 is in post-production. Which means they're done filming Taylor as "Frat Boy Andy" (oh dear) and are just editing. And his other film, Tracers, is in pre-production. Which means they're still writing it or something. Anyway, it looks like his calendar is free within the months of September, October, and November. Free and clear! Nothing going on. Whatsoever.

So now I'm picturing Taylor at home in his fur-covered den, feet up while he watches bunny rabbits wrestle owls on television. Which brings me back to my original question: WHY AREN'T YOU ATTENDING THE TWILIGHT CONVENTIONS, JACOB???

Do you think Taylor Lautner should make an appearance at the Twilight conventions even though Kristen and Robert are skipping?


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